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Reach Your Goals by Accepting Uncomfortable

Last year I set some goals for myself … that I didn’t reach.

I know why.

It was my fear of being uncomfortable.

I want to write more, create more, and help more people, but every time I have time to do those things, my fears pop back up. They chant in my head that nobody cares what I have to say, that I’m really not helping anyone, and that nobody likes me. It’s an old argument I’ve had with myself before, but it keeps me from pushing past that uncomfortable feeling and actually getting stuff done.

I never regret sitting down to type out a blog post or writing a chapter in the book I’m working on, but my mind usually tries to come up with a hundred other things it thinks I should be doing instead. Working with the acceptance of my uncomfortable feelings and pushing past them to the other side isn’t easy at all. In fact, it’s one of the worst things I’ve ever felt, but the feeling I have once I get things done is one of the best.

I’ve started reminding myself, sometimes out loud, that the feelings I’m having aren’t going to harm me, but they will keep me from getting the stuff done I really want to do … if I let them.  I also believe strongly that motivation won’t just magically show up and sometimes you have to reward (aka bribe) yourself for pushing past your comfortable state of being, leaning into being uncomfortable, and really working on the things you want.

Do you have goals, things you really want to attain, try, or do, that you aren’t working on, because you just can’t seem to get past that uncomfortable feeling of putting yourself out there?Click To Tweet

Are you afraid of what will happen if you actually do reach those goals?

Are your excuses stronger than your willingness to get it done?

I promise that being/feeling uncomfortable in that moment won’t harm you, but you have to make the decision to understand that and not let it stop you from working towards your goals.

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