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Save Your Neck …. The Sequel

If you haven’t read Save Your Neck … go read it first or this one won’t make much sense.  Oh who are we kidding here?  I like to not make much sense.  That sentence is a perfect example.

Anywho …. I went to the chiropractor yesterday afternoon.  I now love and also hate that man.  I hated him so much when he put wrestling moves on me that would make the ladies of GLOW jealous then he literally ground his elbows into my shoulders until I screamed …. and I PAID HIM MONEY FOR IT !!!

However, today the birds are singing, the sun is shining, the bees are a buzzing and I CAN TURN MY HEAD !!!

The moral of the story.  Put down your damn phone every once in a while Gina, because it’s slowly killing you to hold your head at that funky angle for long periods of time.

I caught myself several times last night wanting to check it and then realizing that whatever was on there was NOT worth the pain I’ve endured for the past few days.

So here’s my challenge to you.  Notice how much time you spend staring at your phone.  Also notice the weird neck angle you have when you do it.  Be sure to also take note of all the other stuff you can get done when you aren’t constantly looking at or playing on your phone.  It’s a lot !!


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2 thoughts on “Save Your Neck …. The Sequel”

  1. I read this in my phone and immediately picked up my phone and my head up it’s so true though. I’ve had neck issues in the last and phones make things so much worse!

    1. That much pain and not being able to move my neck REALLY made me aware of it. I’ve been trying really really hard to not check it as often and to leave it in another room if I’m doing something else. It’s a hard habit to break for sure.

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