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Simple Challenge Follow-Up

How is your Challenge going?

If you haven’t started one yet, you still can.  In fact, you can do one at any time.  You don’t need to start on the first day of the month.  You can start TODAY.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about click on the Motivate Yourself with a Simple Challenge link below and get started.

Motivate Yourself with a Simple Challenge

For the month of August I challenged myself to 3 Things …

1.  Keep the dining room table (our only eating table) clutter free

2.  Eat more meals at the dining room table (instead of in front of the TV)

3.  No alcohol (not even beer or wine)

I’ve had a few slips, but for the most part it really is teaching me new habits.

motivation decluttering

We had a night when we got home from grocery shopping and everything seemed to get dumped on the table (the air filter from the air purifier, our daughter’s laundry basket, our shopping totes, and my tote bag – that has my notebooks, planners, and journals in it).  We were too exhausted to mess with it that night, but it was cleaned off the next day. 

motivated to change habits

Plus one night we actually had dinner AT THE TABLE!  What a concept!

eat dinner at the table

I also had a glass of wine the other night with dinner, but regretted it the next morning when I just felt “off”. 

With every little mess up, I was determined to get back on track as quickly as possible. I could have been hard on myself, declared myself a loser, and just given up …. but that would have defeated the whole point of the challenge. 

If you haven’t started a challenge for yourself then start today.  If you’ve started one and messed up a few times, then restart today.  If you’ve stuck with it and are already seeing positive changes to your habits, then gigantic gold star to you my friend. 

Remember that change NEVER comes from a place of comfort, but a slow change can be a lasting change. 

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