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Simple Solution … The Cloffice

Sometimes the answer is right in front of your face …

I spent days wandering around our house looking for somewhere to stick a desk so I would have some writing space.  No spot seemed right.

Then I did a Pinterest search for “small office ideas” and TA-DA !!!  The Cloffice !!!

Go Google or Pinterest search for it now.  It’s a brilliant idea.

At first I thought I would use this one (in the Lounge aka former kid room) …

but after further inspection I decided it was waaaaaaaaaaay too small, cram packed full of twin child’s junk AND I would have to put the desk/work area on the back wall which means my back would be to the room when I was writing and someone could sneak up the stairs and attack me while I was typing away on a fantabulous story …. so nope on this one.

Then I measured this one (in the Dog Room aka other former kid room) …

Obviously we will clean all the junk out and start fresh and we MIGHT do something with that lovely baby blue paneling.  I said MIGHT.

The width of this one is actually 15 inches wider than the other one, so the desk/work area will fit running sideways on the left wall, which means I will see anyone trying to grab me and can use my ninja skills accordingly.

I thrive on projects and this one has me really excited.  Now all I need to find are …

  • an old globe (or some other decorating type item)
  • something to use as a pen/chalk holder
  • chalkboard backing (I already have frames)
  • a vintage, metal file sorter
  • clipboards to hang on the back of the door
  • a funky, vintage desk chair (prefer metal)
  • something to use as a desk (I’m thinking an old half table would work great)

But the first step is to pick paint colors …. I love old maps and globes so I’m thinking of going with a blue or green … but I also know how I am and realize that a cream or beige would be more practical considering I change my decorating styles pretty often.

I’ll keep you updated … you know I will.

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