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Simple Solutions … Vintage Handkerchiefs

Problem Number One

I live in a nearly 100 year old house.  I love it, but it sure has its little quirks (and sometimes irks).

For example … the towel rods in my fantabulous pink bathroom are stuck to the tile so they can’t be removed without ruining the tile underneath.  The actual rod also can’t be removed, because if you cut it out there isn’t an easy way to get a new one in PLUS the rod is a weird shape.  Quirky house galore!

They would be fine if they weren’t sooooooooooooo old that the paint is moving down the rod.  It’s quite strange.

Problem Number Two

I own way too many vintage handkerchiefs.

Wait … how in the world can that be a problem?

I’ve been buying pretty hankies since we got married (over 26 year ago) and have so many I don’t even know where they all are.  I never spend more than a few dollars on each one and I only buy the ones I really love.

Unfortunately, I love a lot of them.   The beautiful colors.  The intricate designs.  The stories they could tell if bits of fabric could talk.

I’ve seriously wondered for years what the heck I’m going to do with the little squares of awesomeness.

You see where this is going?

I solved two problems at once.

I washed a few of the hankies and let them air dry (they are delicate after all).

I ironed them into neat squares (and I haaaaaaaaaaaaaate to iron so you know I really wanted to do this project).  Then I hung them on the towel rods.

The first time I tried it, I didn’t secure them to the rod … just a light draping.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand my husband knocked every single one of them in the tub at some point … so I rewashed them all and got smarter

Safety pinning the back layer from the part that’s overlapped in the front to the parts that are overlapped in the back keeps them safely on the rod.  Wet handkerchiefs are the mother of invention … or something like that.

Open your mind and see things in new ways.  The simple solutions might be right in front of you.

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