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Simple Spring Decluttering

The sun is shining. The birds are singing. The flowers are starting to bloom …. and we’re slowly starting to emerge from our caves. Only this time we seem to have been in them a whole lot longer than normal. That’s okay. We can be even more grateful for that sun, those birds, and those flower buds.

The changing of the seasons and finally having some hope might make you in the mood to spring clean. But we all know we can’t clean around clutter, so this year how about doing some Spring Decluttering first.

A lasting declutter is a slow declutter that changes your habits and mindset so here are a few simple ways to start changing your cluttered spaces.

Use What You Have

I’ve said it before and I’ll probably say it a thousand more times.  Use what you have!  It really is one of the easiest ways to declutter your home.  Go through your cabinets BEFORE you go shopping … in fact, just shop your own cabinets.  At some point you thought the stuff in them was good enough to spend money on so why haven’t you used it?

Use the food you have

Use the cleaning products you have

Use the personal care products you have

Use the clothes you have

… and as you’re using that stuff up notice the things you aren’t using and ask yourself why you have them.  Were they impulse buys?  Were they gifts?  Were they freebies?

Think about what you’re allowing into your spaces that you’re trying to simplify.  Change your mindset so you don’t allowed the unused things back in.

Start with the Stacks

Every single cluttered space has stacks.  They may be …

Stacks of magazines you’ve been meaning to look at

Stacks of mail on the kitchen counter

Stacks of dirty laundry

Stacks of clean laundry

Start with those stacks.  Even if you just get through sorting, cleaning, and organizing one stack a day that’s seven stacks that are gone at the end of a week.  Think of what you could get done in a month even if you just get through a few stacks a week. Paper clutter can be overwhelming, but clearing it from your sightline can inspire you to do more decluttering.

A Drawer a Day

Set aside one week to dump out a drawer every day.  Everyone has at least seven drawers in their spaces.

Dresser drawers

Nightstand drawers

Kitchen cabinet drawers

Refrigerator drawers

Bathroom cabinet drawers

Everything comes out of the drawer before anything goes back in. If you’re unsure about what to keep then leave everything on the counter for a few days and only put back in the drawer what you actually use (after you wash it of course). Anything left on the counter after a week or so can be put in a box and kept in an out of sight storage space for a specific amount of time (you decide). If you haven’t used that potato masher after a year then it’s probably safe to donate it.

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