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Simplify Your Spaces

Simple Ways to Help the Earth

Some of the ways I’ve simplified my life also help save the Earth in small ways.  Here’s what I do …

Reuse towels

 … at first I thought this idea was pretty gross, until my husband told me that he reuses his bath towels at least three times and a group of my friends told me the same thing. I gave it a try. It turns out I’m actually clean when I get out of the tub, so I’m not getting a towel that dirty. I now use one towel from Monday – Thursday and another from Friday – to Sunday. This cuts down on the amount of laundry we do, it saves water, and it puts less detergent down the drain. Install a hook or towel rack in your bathroom and reuse your bath towels for a few days. Just let them air dry after each use and they don’t get stinky at all.

Wear your clothes more than once before washing

 … I know that most women already do this with bras, but it can also be done with skirts, jeans, shorts, leggings, etc. Anything that you really don’t do much activity or sweating in can be worn more than once.

Stop using plastic straws

 …. I found reuseable straws and absolutely love them.

Only run the dishwasher once a week

 … this one might not work for you if you have a larger family, but I guarantee you can run it less than you are now. Letting dishes sit for a day isn’t going to hurt them. Only running it when it’s full saves water, electricity, and puts less dish soap down the drain.

Buy eco-friendly, non-toxic products

 …. about 6 years ago we switched a lot of our household products to Melaleuca products and we’re so glad we did. They aren’t any more expensive than other brands, they give you so many things for free, and it simplifies our shopping each month. We get all of our personal care items, our vitamins, our cleaning supplies, our laundry detergent, etc. from them so we are never tempted by commercials for other brands and we feel so much better, physically and environmentally.

Use less of pretty much everything

 … it takes a little practice, but you’re probably using way too much of everything anyway, so just use less. Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hand soap, toothpaste, etc. can all be reduced. Just gradually use less until you figure out the right amount to get the job done without wasting any.

Cut back on paper towels

 …. keep a roll in your kitchen for emergencies, but also keep regular hand towels for hand drying. Hang them up to dry.  We haven’t bought paper towels in over a year.

Eat less meat

…. I’m not a big meat eater anyway so cutting back wasn’t much of a change for me.  If you are a meat eater then just picking a meal here and there to be meat free might be a good place to start.  I was a little surprised to find out that the meat industry produces more greenhouse gases than transportation, but when you look at the data it makes sense.

Use shopping totes EVERY time you go grocery shopping

 …. we have a set of Thirty One Gifts totes that we keep in the back of my husband’s truck. We carry them into the store, keep them under the cart, and bag the groceries right into the totes as we check out. Then when we get home we easily carry the totes in to put the groceries away. We aren’t bringing home any of those awful plastic grocery bags and the totes are much easier to carry from the truck to the house. You can get your own totes (they come in lots of sizes) by clicking here.

Plant flowers.  Save the bees.

… ALL of the food chain relies on bees.  If they die, we die.   


…  Even if your town doesn’t have a recycling program, you can still keep a box for recyclable things somewhere in your house and drive them to a recycling facility every few months. The closest one to us is in a city that we go to every three or four months, so we might as well take some recycling with us when we go.

Buy and use more glass containers

… Plastic can only be recycled so many times.  Glass can be recycled forever.  Plus glass is easier to reuse in your home as kitchen storage, pretty flower vases, drinking glasses, etc.  

All of these are VERY simple ways to help save the Earth while simplifying your life.  Even if you just have the energy to try a few it will help …. You and the planet.

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