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Simple Ways to Prevent Mental Exhaustion

I have a sign taped to the inside of my front door …

I see it when I leave the house every morning and it’s a wonderful reminder that the choices I make today are going to change things for the future me …. good or bad.

I try to remember how awful regret and guilt feel when I make decisions and how it will affect my future self.  It works with Mental Exhaustion too.

Here are a few Simple Ways to Prevent Mental Exhaustion (they work for me) …

Slowly Declutter Your Spaces

I don’t believe in a mass clean out done all at once, because it stresses you out and it doesn’t change the habits and behaviors behind the clutter.  However, doing just a little bit every day (or every week) can add up over time and will give you more calm and peaceful spaces. 

One of the easiest ways to start decluttering really doesn’t take much effort at all.  You just use what you already have and you don’t buy new things until you’ve used up what’s already in your freezer, cabinets, or drawers.

Make Time for Quiet Time (hopefully every day)

I start and end every day with a Mindfulness exercise that calms me.  I lay in my bed, breathe slowly, clear my head, and start the day with purpose.  At night I do it in reverse, ending the day telling myself that I’ve done the best I could for the day and preparing to rest.

I also have times in my house where I don’t turn on the TV and do household chores in the quiet.  It seriously allows me to hear myself think.

Move Around

There it is … the suggestion nobody wants to read.  Exercise.  I know … I know.  I’m not a big fan of it either, but I have to admit that on the days when my husband and I go walking in the evenings, my brain just feels better.  We’re burning off nervous energy and it gives us uninterrupted time to have meaningful conversations.  Find a type of exercise you enjoy (or even tolerate) and schedule time for it.

Stop Multitasking

Teaching yourself how to concentrate on the task at hand will calm your brain.

Make Lists and Prioritize Them

If you’re constantly running the things through your head that have to, need to, or you want to get done then put that stuff down on paper (or in an app). By just writing it down, you’re relieving your brain of the pressure to remember it.

Be Honest with People

Being upfront about situations from the beginning helps everyone.  It makes them aware of your intentions and there’s no mental energy wasted on wondering what the other person wants or if they understand what you want.

Monitor What You’re Allowing In

There are so many sources of information out there.  Do you really need to know everything about everything?  No … you don’t.  So stop allowing it all in. 

Give your brain a break.

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