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Simplify Shopping … Totes

Sometimes I have fantabulous ideas!  Shocking I know, but oh so true.

This one came to me as I was ordering a Christmas present for myself and some for my girlies from Thirty One.

The special at the time was getting a tote for $10 for each $35 spent and since I bought 4 purses and 3 key fobs, I qualified for four $10 totes.  OH YEAH !!!

At the time I really didn’t have a clue what I would use them for, but I knew with my goal of organizing and simplifying they would come in handy somewhere.

Then we went grocery shopping …

The light bulb came on and I grabbed the totes.

It was genius !!!

They fit under the cart perfectly while shopping.

The groceries can be loaded directly into the totes during checkout.  We don’t have to mess with bags AND it cuts down on using those horrible plastic ones that end up in landfills for a bazillion years.

I’m a control freak/get stuff done quickly/don’t want to make more than one trip into the house kind of person.  So I would load up 20 bags on my arms and fingers, cutting off the circulation, just to avoid multiple trips back to the car.  It wasn’t a good idea!

But with the totes, we can just carry them straight in the house and each of them holds about 5 plastic bags worth of groceries.

Like I said …. GENIUS !!!

Click on the link below to place an order … be sure to click on Specials at the top on the left hand side to see this month’s deal … it might be totes !!

Click here to order totes (or purses or bags or cute stuff) from Thirty One



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3 thoughts on “Simplify Shopping … Totes”

    1. It has made carrying groceries in to the house so much easier. Plus I hate the idea of all those plastic bags sitting in landfills, so this saves a few.

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