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Simplify the Holiday Season

A few years ago I wrote about how to Simplify the Season so maybe the holidays can be less stressful and more enjoyable.  I still agree with everything I wrote.

The biggest thing I suggest is honesty.  Be honest with your friends and family about how much you feel you can do and be really honest with yourself about it.  Just because things are considered “tradition” and have always been done that way before, doesn’t mean they have to keep being done. 

Tips to Simplify the Holiday Season

Don’t give stuff

I’ve said it before and I’ll probably say it a million more times during my lifetime.  Nobody needs more stuff … NOBODY!  We stopped giving gifts a few years ago and none of us have missed them.  We give our “grown” kids money to pay their bills and we asked them to stop buying stuff for us.  We stopped doing the name exchange thing for family gatherings and just have a fun day of games and snacks instead.

If you think you absolutely must give someone a gift, consider giving a memory instead of a “thing”.  You can buy gift cards for restaurants, the movies, museums, amusement parks, etc.  Even better … schedule a day to go together. 

Share the Hosting

If you have a holiday gathering (for friends or family).  Divide up what everyone can bring.  There’s no point in you paying for everything and spending hours in the kitchen cooking and cleaning.  Plus people love to help.

If they offer to bring extra food or games.  Let them.

If they offer to come early and help you set up.  Let them.

If they offer to stay afterwards and help you clean up.  Let them.

Decorate Simply

Are you hanging up stuff every year just because you’ve hung it up every year?

Our tastes change.  Stuff breaks.  We just want things to be easier. 

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with donating holiday decorations you no longer use, like, or need.  In fact, local shelters might love having something new (to them) to change up their holiday décor. 

As you’re putting everything back in storage at the end of the season, ask yourself if it’s something you even want to keep.  If you’re not excited about it, donate it.

Remember that people who truly love you, love you for who you are NOT what you can do for them or what you give them.

Be honest about how much you can actually get done and give yourself the gifts of peace and sanity this year.

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