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Simplify Your Sleep Space


When you get enough of it …  the birds are a singin’, the sun is a shinin’ and life just feels better.  You walk out of the house thinking you can conquer the world and by gosh BRING IT ON WORLD! … because, you got this!

When you do NOT get enough of it … the bugs are a bitin’, the clouds are a rollin’ and life looks gloomy.  You walk out of the house pissed off at the world and by gosh the first person that BRINGS IT is going to hear your opinion on why Twizzlers are better than Red Vines and anybody who disagrees is an idiot and should just rot in hell.

Disclaimer … I think Twizzlers and Red Vines are both pretty gross, but you get the point.

We all need sleep.  It’s one of the things our bodies actually HAVE to have.  It’s in the trifecta.  Food. Water.  Sleep.  Have have have to have it in order to survive.

So why do we junk up the area we use to rest our bodies and recharge our minds?

Why is our bed piled with mounds of washed (and sometimes unwashed) clothes?

Why are there stacks of unread books and magazines on our nightstand?

Why does the top of our dresser look like the Wal-Mart return bin the day after Christmas?

We’re setting ourselves up for failure.

Your bedroom (your sleep area) should be the absolute FIRST place you seriously declutter and simplify your home.  It should be a peaceful, relaxing place where you can shut out the stress of the day and just be.

What needs to happen to make it that way?

First step … The Nightstand

Stop treating your nightstand as a “catch all” for all the junk you just don’t want to deal with.

Ask yourself these questions related to the stuff on it …

  1. Do I use it right before I go to bed or as soon as I wake up?
  2. Does it help me relax?
  3. Do I enjoy looking at it?

If the answer is “No” to any of these questions then it doesn’t belong on your nightstand.

What’s on my nightstand?

My noise machine (I can’t sleep in total quiet) … I use it every single night

My face serum (I’m not getting any younger) … I use it every single night

My firming neck cream (aka Turkey Neck Be Gone) … I use it most nights

A little box of paper and a pen …. I use it to write down thoughts that might keep me awake (so it helps me to relax)

My funky vase of fake flowers … purely decoration and I like looking at them

There is also usually a ginormous cup of water, but that wasn’t very pretty so it didn’t make the picture.

Answer the 3 questions above about your nightstand and

take the first step to Simplifying Your Sleep Space.

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