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Don’t Eat That!

If you read the title and thought “this bitch better not be telling me I can’t have cupcakes and should live on carrots and kale”, take a deep breath.  It’s not that kind of food post.

In my opinion, ANY diet or eating plan that says you absolutely can’t eat certain foods is destined to fail. Humans were given tastes buds for a reason and if God, the universe and the magical unicorns didn’t want us to enjoy eating then we wouldn’t have all the food options … we’d just be eating little nutritional nuggets aka People Chow.

I think food is meant to be enjoyed WHILE it provides fuel for our bodies.  I enjoy a cupcake every now and then just like I enjoy a nice glass of $6 wine.  As long as it’s a special treat, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

We eat a lot of take out food in our house.  I would say it’s our one vice, but we all know we have several, so I won’t bother lying to you.  We try to cook more, but we typically get food from a restaurant at least 3 times a week … and we’re empty nesters, so it’s no big deal.

One of our favorite fast food places is a chicken strip restaurant.  You probably know which one I’m talking about.  Well one of my major epiphanies about food came while sitting in one of their booths.  I love their chicken strips, bread, cole slaw and dipping sauce.  I could drink that spectacular dipping sauce.  However, I’m not a fan of their fries.  They are just meh … nothing special at all.  I would automatically order one of the “meals” and mindlessly eat the fries until the day I realized I didn’t really like them that much.  So why was I eating them? Because they were there.

There’s a locally owned pizza place in our tiny town that makes awesome food.  I’ve been getting their Club Salad and it is mucho yum yum, but it comes with bacon bits on it.  I don’t like bacon.  I also don’t like steak.  I know.  I know.  Be sure to send the hate mail to the correct address.  I can take it.   Every time I order it, I eat the bacon bits.  Why?  Because they were there.

I’m starting a more honest approach with my life in general and now that’s going to carry over to food.  Why do I continue to eat things I don’t like?   Wouldn’t it be much smarter and healthier to not get the fries at all or order the salad without bacon bits?  Yes it would (I just answered my own question).

Think about it the next time you’re eating.  Are you mindlessly eating things you don’t really like?  Life is too short for that …. be honest with your taste buds and ask yourself if eating that food brings you joy.   My salad will … without those damn bacon bits.

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