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Turn Off Autocorrect

Wait …. whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?   Gina, are you crazy?  Well yes, I slightly am, but hear me out.

A few months ago my lovely phone started reminding me of a system update.  I ignored it … and ignored it … and ignored it … until it shut itself down and did it anyway.  I hate system updates.  They’re basically code for “All of your stuff is working exactly like you want it to … so let’s see what we can really mess up for you”.

This one was no different.  My texts look different (and now there’s an extra ridiculous step).  My contacts look different.  There’s no longer a Favorites section in the phone part AND it seriously messed up my Autocorrect.  It would add words automatically, change words I didn’t want changed and spelled things in the most bizarre way.  It made me want to scream, throw my phone against a brick wall and scream while throwing my phone against a brick wall.

I got so sick of it messing up my texts, I turned Autocorrect off.

Then something AMAZING happened.  The birds were chirping.  The angels were singing.  The sun was shining.

Okay … maybe not that great, but it was a good thing.

It forced me to slow down and pay attention to what I was saying (tapping) to people.  It forced me to really engage my brain, spell out entire words, AND take a few minutes to really think about what I wanted to say.

It was weird … and wonderful.

TRY IT !   It’s a very simple way to train your brain to slow down and BE in the moment.

(it still gives you the option of correcting words that are not spelled correctly, so don’t use that as an excuse)

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