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SSRIs – The Whole World is NOT Bipolar

In this week’s People magazine there are three articles about people who were diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder AFTER being put on antidepressants.  Reading those articles made me want to scream and throw things.  My court appointed counselor told me a few years ago that Bipolar disorder was going to be the latest diagnosis – and she was right.  She said that she has seen it so many times during her career – a new drug comes out, it promises to solve all the problems of the world, the drug reps hit the streets with free lunches and checks made out to doctors, and TA-DA … the diagnoses of certain disorders start to rise.  She said that it happened with ADHD, anxiety, depression, and PMDD (remember those commercials?  weren’t they a hoot and a half?).

While I was on Paxil, I developed SSRI induced Bipolar, but of course at the time I had no idea what was going on.  All I knew was that the meds made me not give a damn about anything and that I was constantly “busy”.  I would move from project to project, job to job, friend to friend … my mind constantly racing with the latest get rich quick scheme or fabulous idea.  I couldn’t see the manic episodes for what they were and I couldn’t see that the depression could actually have been caused by the meds (ones that I never should have been given in the first place).  I am just thankful that I never went to the doctor and filled out some quiz that would have magically told me that I was Bipolar and needed more meds (for life).  Quizzes like this one:

If you really look at the questions, you can see that everything on this quiz is related to normal human feelings and emotions and that if a person takes this quiz while having a bad day then they might answer the questions differently than they would have if things were going well for them on that day.  These quizzes are designed to put doubt in somebody’s mind and make them run to the doctor for a prescription.

I am not saying that Bipolar isn’t real and that there aren’t people out there who actually have it.  What I AM saying is that it is impossible to diagnose somebody with it while they are taking an antidepressant (SSRI), because the antidepressant itself might be causing the mania and depression.

Being human and having human feelings and emotions is NOT a disease and there isn’t a cure for it … there doesn’t need to be.

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8 thoughts on “SSRIs – The Whole World is NOT Bipolar”

  1. Wow I took that quiz and according to it I probably have bipolar disorder. Interesting though I find my mix of prions tends to fall around my period so I am going to diagnose myself with PMS. I recently went to the doctor because I was feeling very antsy not really anxious just boucey. She referred me to am Endriconologist but not before prescribing me some Xanax. Turned out that my thyroid was hyperacting whiched caused me to be antsy. I never used the Xanax but it did have me worried for a while before I got to the bottom of the problem.

  2. Katrina – Thank you so much for the comment. I am soooooooooooo glad that you took responsibility for your health care and didn’t just blindly trust that the Xanax was going to solve all your problems. I have heard of so many people who developed a dependency on Xanax and the withdrawal was absolute hell.

    grammargeek – I so love it that you use that phrase too!

  3. Christy, Just don’t ask a doctor that question and you’ll be fine!!

    I was also “diagnosed bipolar” after starting SSRI’s. Spent 8 years on “Mood Stabilizers” which are actually anti-seizure meds, slowing down my brain activity and causing amnesia. I wish I could remember raising my kids. Well… maybe its better I don’t, since my mind was racing and I was irritable most of the time, thanks to the “treatment” of my “disorders” which I miraculously don’t have now that I don’t see doctors or take their psych drugs.

  4. NoRx4Me – thank you for sharing your story – that’s what makes the new celebrities with “bipolar” so sad …. they were put on antidepressants that more than likely caused the mood cycling and now they are on “new meds” that will just cause more problems while never really solving anything … and then when those “new meds” don’t work they will just try something else … the whole industry is just disgusting !

  5. I forgot to add to my previous reply:

    People can become manic at any phase of taking or changing antidepressants.
    During switching from one antidepressant to another and when changing doses, up, down, or even during withdrawal…it happened to me during withdrawal.

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