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I’ve noticed something in the past few days, well I’ve actually noticed a lot of things like how I really dislike those rubbery coated paper clips in bright colors, but that really isn’t important right now.

Here’s my point …

When I get home in the evenings and D has been working outside all day (that man sure does love yard work), his mood is great.  If he’s had nothing really to do and has spent the day watching shows about long dead mummies and ways to smoke meats then he’s kind of moody and antsy to get out of the house.

Then I realized that lately I’ve been the same way.

I have a desk job.  I sit at least 7 hours a day.  I don’t smoke so I don’t go outside for smoke breaks.  In fact, I rarely take breaks at all … and I think it’s contributing to my feeling of blah AND a strange burning/stabbing pain in my tail bone.

So I’ve vowed to get up and walk around for at least five minutes every hour.  It’s harder to do than it sounds when you’re used to staying in one spot all day long, every work day.  I’m visiting other people in the office (whether they like it or not).  I’m walking outside to suck up some fresh air.  I’m standing to make phone calls.  I’m just moving more … and it seems to be helping.

But don’t just take my word for it, here’s more proof that sitting for long periods of time is really bad for our mental health …

What Sitting Does to Your Psyche

Sitting Linked with Symptoms of Depression

The Connection between Sitting and Depression

and after you read those, get up and walk around …. NOW !!!

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