Ready to find room to breathe … physically and mentally?

I’m Gina.  I help stressed out people become more content by teaching them how to simplify their lives.

I’m a former pharma crazy, mother of 5 “grown” kids, wife of a firefighter, classy drinker of boxed wine (with a straw and ice in a Mason jar), future lottery winner (if I buy a ticket) and self proclaimed self help guru.

The name Slappy in the Face actually came from an online group.  I’ve always referred to My Story  as the slap in the face I needed to turn my life around. People in the group started calling me Slappy …. and ta da!  here we are.  

My Why

I was prescribed several medications I never actually “needed”, because of stress, that changed my personality and seriously hurt other people.  It took a jail cell for me to realize I was crazy and ruining lives.  My goal is to prevent what happened to me from happening to other stressed out people.  There are other options.  This site is here to help you live a life of meaning that isn’t a frantic mess.

My Misson Statement

  to help you (and me) be a little better every day by simplifying our lives

and being more honest with ourselves and others

I now see each new day as an opportunity to learn and experience new things … hence My Life List …. I’ve put it on hold for a while, but now that I’m back actively blogging again … oh, it’s on!!!

Ask Me

Go ahead … ask me anything … I might even answer you.  gina@slappyintheface.com

Be warned … I know enough to admit that I don’t know everything about:

  • empty nesting and tough parenting
  • being married to a smart ass man for a really long time
  • being a tall chick
  • having big feet
  • tapering off of SSRIS and how awful withdrawal is
  • depression
  • anxiety (including social anxiety)
  • boxed wine
  • hoarding and decluttering
  • trying to be better

Please don’t bother contacting me if you feel the need to tell me I’m a horrible person, you don’t like my hair or to threaten me in any way …. get a good therapist instead.


I am not a Doctor.  I don’t even play one on TV.  I have no medical training whatsoever and I’m not qualified in any way, shape or form to give actual medical advice. The bits of information on this site are just my experiences in life and if those help you in some way then Fantabulous!  I will NEVER tell someone not to take medications, to stop taking medications or to taper them at a fast rate.  That isn’t my place or responsibility to do so and only YOU and your doctor can make those decisions.  I’m just here to help you try to live a little better every day.

Terms of Use

By reading this blog you agree to the Terms of Use.

This is a blog.  Just a person typing out stuff for you to read.  There really isn’t any other use for this site other than for you to read it, think about it and maybe change a few things that aren’t quite working for you.  I offer absolutely NO guarantee, warranty or promise that the things that work for me will work for you.

Stuff I write, graphics I create and pictures I post are mine …. I have sole ownership.  Don’t steal them or pass them off as your own …. because if you do, I will find you and write you a strongly worded letter.  Plus, I seriously know semi-famous lawyers.

This blog is for adults (over the age of 18 years).  Some content might not be suitable for anyone under the age of 18.

Privacy Policy

The only information collected from this site are e-mail addresses and names of those who choose to subscribe to my blog posts and Free Help Newsletter and whatever information is needed if you order something from my Shop (I plan to have one in the future).  That information is not sold or shared in any way and it never will be.  You also have the option to opt-out (unsubscribe) of the blog subscription and Newsletters by clicking a link at the bottom of the e-mails.

We don’t share data with any third party other than the e-mail automation service we use.   You also have the right to ask that your data be deleted from our e-mail subscriber list at any time.  Most of our subscribers are in the United States, however we choose to follow the General Data Protection Regulation in place in other countries whenever possible.

Whatever you choose to write in comments will be viewed by the public (whomever reads this site), so please be aware of that and realize I have friends who will flat out call you an asshat if you’re acting like one.

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