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Still Need to Slow Down?

The past few months have taught us that some of the things we thought were important in our lives really aren’t.  We’ve (hopefully) learned how to appreciate more and not take things like going to the movies or seeing friends for granted.

But I’m still seeing people in frantic chaos and it’s a reminder to myself that life goes by too fast already.  We need to sloooooooooooow down.

Here’s a few ways I’m doing it  … again

Stop Multitasking

I’ve gotten so much better about this in the past few years, but sometimes I still need a little reminder.  I still catch myself checking my phone while I’m watching TV, missing part of the plot and wondering what happened.  For the past few days I’ve made a real effort to only do one thing at a time, because if it’s worth my time then it’s worth my full attention.

Slow Down

I still struggle with this a little in the evenings when I get home from work.  I want to get my work clothes off, put on my jammies, get the critters fed, and start relaxing ASAP, but being in a frenzy to get those simple evening chores done actually makes the start of my evening more anxious.  I’m working on taking my time with those little things and setting my evening up in a better way.

Stop Skimming

I’ve read several things lately related to how we’ve become a skimming society; how we don’t actually read much anymore.  Well that made me sad and a little outraged … until I realized I do it too.  I start skimming over a magazine article or online post and then realize I’m not catching all of the information Then I go back through, trying to find what I missed.  Why not just read from the beginning in the first place?  Wouldn’t that save me some time and mental energy? 

Are there ways you still need to slow down?

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