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Stop Saving Stuff

We all do it.  We keep things we consider as special in the reserve of our lives, because we have deemed them “too special” to be used any regular day or we want to savor and really enjoy them at some other time … just not today.  I’m not talking about tossing out your wedding dress (unless the marriage ended, because one of you ran away to join a circus in a foreign country with a trapeze artist .. in that case, you take that wedding dress to the front yard and light that bitch on fire … NOW!).  I’m also not talking about a special bottle of wine you bought the first year you got married that you plan on opening on your 50th anniversary (yes, we have one of those … FYI neither of us ran off with a trapeze artist … perhaps because we both look horrific in spandex).

I’m talking about things you’ve deemed as special that really aren’t that special at all.

Example 1:  I have nail polish colors (oh here we go with the damn nail polish again) that I wanted to save.  For what?  Who the hell knows?  It’s not like I’m going to be invited to have lunch with Bill Gates next week and need the perfect shade of copper to match my outfit … or that the perfect shade of taupey gray would go great with my Kentucky Derby hat.  There’s absolutely NO reason to be saving each of those bottles.  So I got them out … and I used them … and I got a ton of compliments, because they are damn beautiful colors … and the compliments made me feel good and I got to practice accepting compliments.  It was a win win.  There wasn’t any reason to keep them in reserve and I sure don’t want to be on my death bed thinking “If only I’d worn those fantabulous colors … damn me and my crazy thinking!” of course I could always croak out the words “go get the taupey gray … it looks great with black”, but I just don’t think I should take that chance.

Example 2:  I buy mixes,  sauces, dips, etc. from a lovely company called Tastefully Simple.  I don’t actually cook, so this is as close as it will probably ever get for me.  They had an absolutely delicious corn and black bean salsa that I looooooooooooooved.  So of course, they changed the formula.  So of course, I bought every jar of the original stuff I could get my hands on … and I saved it.  Yep … I saved 3 jars of it … and I saved it … and I saved it … in fact, I saved it so long, holding out for that perfect corn and black bean salsa occasion, that it expired and had to be thrown away.  I wasted the time it took to find it.  I wasted the money I spent buying it.  I wasted the joy I would have had eating it.

Even if you’re having hot dogs for dinner … break out the china and the pretty tablecloths.  The meal is special, because you make it that way … and the hot dogs will appreciate that you made the effort.

Live for today.  Enjoy today.  Today is special … so use your special things.


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  1. At first it’s really hard to let stuff go, but we have to learn to enjoy things right now. Seize the day !

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