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Mindfulness … Practice with the Mundane

Mental health advocates and therapists talk all the time about the importance of mindfulness, but I've seen very few talk about how hard it is to actually do. Yes, I understand the importance of living in the moment.  I know that guilt and regret are living in the past and anxiety is living in the… Continue reading Mindfulness … Practice with the Mundane

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My Antidepressant Experience, Simplify Your Health (mental too)

Antidepressant Withdrawal

A lot of people I've helped understand antidepressant withdrawal have asked me how long antidepressant withdrawal symptoms last.  I always tell them there really isn't a set answer for everyone.  It depends on what dose you took and for how long.  It also depends on your own body and how well you take care of… Continue reading Antidepressant Withdrawal