how to improve your relationships
Simplify Your Relationships

Are You Sabotaging Your Relationships?

We all want more meaningful, authentic relationships, but sometimes our own actions and attitudes ruin them.  At some point, you may have asked yourself, " Am I sabotaging my relationship ?"  Answer these questions about your relationships.  It's not a comfortable feeling, but it might help you realize that YOU could be the problem.  If… Continue reading Are You Sabotaging Your Relationships?

why do we stay in bad relationships
Simplify Your Relationships

Quality vs Quantity … Relationships

Would you rather have a hundred texts about small talk or one really deep, meaningful conversation about something stressful you're going through? Would you rather have likes on a post or an in person talk about your family vacation? We've all started to value the numbers more than the people.  Me included. But when you… Continue reading Quality vs Quantity … Relationships

how to have a tough conversation
Simplify Your Relationships

Uncomfortable Conversations Can Simplify Your Life

Here it is ... the most uncomfortable of the uncomfortable posts. The one even I don't want to talk about ...  oh the irony. Uncomfortable Conversations. We all have ones we know we need to have, but reeeeeeeeeeeeeally don't want to. Talks about our health with our doctors, loved ones and care providers. Chats with… Continue reading Uncomfortable Conversations Can Simplify Your Life

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Simplify Your Time

Overcome Overwhelm … Divide and Delegate

My husband (the fantabulous D) calls it "Parenting Evolution", the desire that your children have easier lives than you had.  But in the end does it really help?  Or does it lead to lazy, entitled minded children with stressed out parents? I've seen it several times.  Kids sitting on their butts staring at a screen… Continue reading Overcome Overwhelm … Divide and Delegate