love languages
Simplify Your Relationships

Simplify with Love Languages

We've been married nearly thirty years and for a lot of those years I gave my dear husband gifts … lots and lots of carefully thought out gifts.  I would plan him surprise parties with cakes and drinks and decorations.  I would invite the whole family and some friends.  We would wait to surprise him. … Continue reading Simplify with Love Languages

situational depression coping skills
Simplify Your Health (mental too)

Coping with Situational Depression

Any time someone has a loss they can experience Situational Depression.  For some people it’s a brief period of sadness and/or mourning, but for others it can last longer and go much deeper.  It’s different than Clinical Depression, because the person experiencing it definitely knows what’s causing it and can (hopefully) work on moving through… Continue reading Coping with Situational Depression