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Simplify Your Relationships

Slowing Down Conversations

We’ve all been trained by our current way of life to speed up everything.  We skip commercials.  We don’t read entire articles.  We have everything delivered right to us.  We’ve made slowing down feel uncomfortable, which makes it even harder to break the “in a hurry” habit. But doing it can seriously simplify our lives.… Continue reading Slowing Down Conversations

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Simplify Your Self

Have We Created a More Anxious World?

Technological advancements now put massive amounts of information right at our fingertips.  There isn’t a fact or a figure that we can’t get the answer to in minutes (or seconds).  We no longer have the need for research in books and journals (or conversations) and in some ways we’ve lost patience for it.  We want… Continue reading Have We Created a More Anxious World?