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Simplify Your Spaces

Are You Trying to Buy Happiness? When I was on antidepressants, I was emotionally numb and looked for experiences and things I thought would force me for feel something. I would go shopping not looking for anything in particular, find some little trinket or shampoo that smelled good and think "this will make me happy". I'd buy it, take it… Continue reading Are You Trying to Buy Happiness?

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Simplify Your Health (mental too)

Clutter and Your Mental Health

It’s a vicious circle*.  When you’re depressed and/or anxious you don’t make the effort to clean or declutter your spaces.  But having cluttered and messy spaces can actually make you more depressed and/or anxious.  In fact, there are studies that link clutter to an increase in the stress hormone, cortisol, along with other mental health… Continue reading Clutter and Your Mental Health