how to stop chronic worrying
Simplify Your Health (mental too)

Is Worry a Waste of Time?

If you’re a worrier think about this for a minute. I’m not talking about coming up with a plan and then taking action AFTER you worry about something.  I’m talking about the time and energy you devoted to running the conversations and/or scenarios through your head.  Did any of that actually solve the problem? Will… Continue reading Is Worry a Waste of Time?

Simplify Your Self

Are You (Self) Aware of Your Limits?

When you first start realizing you need to simplify your life it’s usually when you’ve reached your breaking point and you just can’t think about or handle one more thing.  You’ve reached (and probably surpassed) your own limit.  How do you know you’re close to reaching your limit? you are physically, mentally, or emotionally tired… Continue reading Are You (Self) Aware of Your Limits?