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Tame Your Screen Time

If you left your phone at home for a whole day, how would you feel?  How about a whole week?

If you didn’t even turn on the TV one evening, what would be your reaction?  How about all week?

If those questions make you uncomfortable, you might be addicted to screens.

I kind of have the same problem too, but I’m seriously working on it.

Here are a few things that have helped me over come my addition to screens …

Eat meals at the table

It doesn’t have to be every meal or even every dinner, but it does help with relationships, digestion and distraction if you actually sit down face to face while you’re eating.  At first it feels really weird, especially if you’re used to watching Food Network while you lounge on the couch and shovel food into your face, but I guarantee it gets easier the more you do it.  Plus it kind of sets aside time for real conversations.

So clean the junk off the table and sit down for a meal.

Focus on One Screen at a Time

If you’re watching a TV show, then just watch a TV show.  If you’re watching a movie, then just watch a movie.  If you’re scrolling through social media, then just scroll through social media.

I used to brag about being able to watch TV, read a magazine AND scroll through my phone at the same time …. until I realized I had no idea what the show was about, couldn’t remember what I had read AND was blindly liking stuff I didn’t really like.

Multitasking is a myth.  So stop it.  If a TV show is worth your time then REALLY watch it and if it’s not then just turn the TV off.

Hide Your Phone from Yourself

For years my cell phone sat on the credenza next to my desk.  I noticed every time it sent a notification.  Guess what …. the vast majority of those notifications were NOT emergencies.  My family all has my work number so if they really needed me they could just call my office.

So I started hiding my phone from myself … in my purse.  If was almost like someone had chopped off one of my hands the first day I went without it, but now I don’t even miss the constant checking.  Plus I’m getting so much more done.

How can you tame your screen time?

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  1. As a child when my dad wasn’t home mum would let us eat tea in front of the telly and when my girls were little we would let them eat in front of the telly from time to time but not every night now that I am usually home alone I eat in front of the telly all the time

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