The $10 Orange

I am a liberal Democrat living in a conservative Republican state (even though we have a Democrat governor – go figure) so the topic of illegal immigration comes up quite often. I will admit that I don’t know everything, but having known a few people that were illegal immigrants at one time I can tell you that the vast majority of them don’t come across the border seeking to “screw the system”.
They come here because here is so much better than where they come from. They come here to work and to have the chance to sleep in a real bed and have a real house. They come here for the same reasons that my ancestors and a lot of your ancestors came here – the dream that things will be better for their children and their children and their children. I have yet to meet one Mexican immigrant who didn’t come across that border with nothing but what they could carry and an immense amount of hope. I have also found that the very people who complain about the “illegals” stealing our jobs are the same people who would never work picking oranges for 12-16 hours a day making about $2 an hour.
Entire industries would collapse without Mexican immigrants workers. So go ahead and round them all up and send them back “home”, but then you don’t have the right to complain when you have nobody to do the work that you would never do in a million years.

In a nut shell this is my opinion on how we can help the immigration problem. Stop buying cheap crap made across the ocean !!! If you support the industries in Mexico then you help their economy which can provide jobs, education, housing and food for their own citizens. The USA needs to be providing incentives for countries to withdrawal their “outsourcing” from non-land locked countries and to bring those jobs back to either the USA or Mexico. Every time that you purchase cheap crap from China you are encouraging those companies to keep their production overseas. Search out brands that are either made her in the USA or in Mexico. The immigration problem will not stop until Mexico can provide for their own people and we have ways to help them do that – we are just not doing it.

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  1. I find it ironic that America, father of NAFTA, complains about Mexicans trying to find jobs in the United States. The Free Trade Agreement has played hell with the Mexican economy. Maybe if the government doesn't want poor immigrants coming to their country, they can start paying other countries decent amounts of money for their produce.

    They can't have their cake and eat it, too!

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