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Are You Growing or Waiting?

If you’ve got a goal or a dream, you know deep down in your heart and mind and soul that it probably isn’t just going to magically manifest itself, that it’s going to take some hard work.  But we mere mortals would rather be comfortable.  We’d rather binge watch our favorite show while having a jar of boxed wine and eating lime tortilla chips (try them … they’re delicious) than spend time working towards our goals, even if it’s just tiny steps.  We’d rather come up with excuses why it would never work out.  We’d rather look for a hundred other things we could be doing, because we HAVE to reorganize our sock drawer at that very moment.

That’s why I chose the word Uncomfortable as my 2019 word of the year.  It’s a reminder that being uncomfortable is the only way to change.

The people who are admired and respected worked for those things.  They knew that being uncomfortable was just a momentary feeling and pushing past it would help them become who they were meant to be.

I buy stuff at thrift stores and antique malls, you know that, and one of the things I love finding are books for a dollar that I haven’t read yet.  Recently I found Chicken Soup for the Soul by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen.  It’s a collection of short, inspirational stories originally published in 1993, but a lot of them are still very valid today.

Here’s one of my favorites …


Two seeds lay side by side in the fertile spring soil.

The first seed said, “I want to grow!  I want to send my roots deep into the soil beneath me, and thrust my sprouts through the earth’s crust above me …. I want to unfurl my tender buds like banners to announce the arrival of spring … I want to feel the warmth of the sun on my face and the blessing of the morning dew on my petals!”

And so she grew.

The second seed said “I am afraid.  If I send my roots into the ground below, I don’t know what I will encounter in the dark.  If I push my way through the hard soil above me I may damage my delicate sprouts … what if I let my buds open and a snail tries to eat them?  And if I were to open my blossoms, a small child may pull me from the ground.  No, it is much better for me to wait until it is safe.”

And so she waited.

A yard hen scratching around in the early spring ground for food found the waiting seed and promptly ate it. 


Those of us who refuse to risk and grow get swallowed up by life.

Patty Hansen         

We think it’s easier to stay where we are, where it’s comfortable and less dangerous, but we could actually be spending more time and energy procrastinating and finding excuses than actually just taking steps to get it done.

Are you growing … or are you waiting?       

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