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The Power of One

How much difference can one really make?  It all depends on how you look at it.

One Thing at a Time

A lot of the stress in our lives comes from the perception that everything has to be done (and done perfectly) RIGHT NOW!  Our minds move to the next thing on the list and the thing after that and cause us to stop concentrating on the thing right in front of us.

This is one of the many reasons I’m a list maker.

I even keep paper and a pen by my bed so I can jot stuff done if I think about it in the middle of the night … and vow to worry about it later.

I used to claim to be a multitasking master.  I would play on my phone while looking at a magazine while watching TV.

It was a multitasking disaster.

I couldn’t remember what I’d done on my phone, what I’d read in the magazine or the basic plotline of the show.  So what was the point?

Multitasking is impossible and results in a lot of things being done half-assed without really saving any time or energy.

Make a real effort to concentrate on the thing you’re working on at the moment.

One Action Towards Your Goal

Most successful people (I would guess 99.9999999% of them) don’t just wake up one day and instantly become a success.  Overnight stars NEVER shine that quickly.

Success (whatever your definition of that is) comes from small steps taken consistently.

Make some effort every single day to work on your goals.

If your goal is to write a book, don’t write in your planner “write a book”.  Break that ginormous goal into smaller, really doable goals that you can fit into your schedule several times a week.  Writing for 15 minutes a day is VERY realistic and can really add up.

Write small goals in your planner (and actually do them) that are working towards your BIG goal.

One Item Decluttered

I can almost guarantee there is something in your purse, house or workplace that can go RIGHT NOW!  Files that can be sorted.  Trash at the bottom of your bag.  Old clothes you will NEVER wear again (stop kidding yourself).

Decluttering overwhelms people because they can’t stop seeing the big picture …. the entire mass of mess.

Just rehome (trash, donate, give away to a friend, etc.) one thing per day for a set period of time (week, month, year … depends on how much stuff you have) and see how much those little actions can add up.

Plus clearing out physical clutter leads to the clearing of mental clutter which has been shown to reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression.  I’m not kidding.

One Thing Simplified

What one thing (item, relationship, job, hobby, chore, etc.) in your life is no longer worth your time and energy (emotional, mental AND physical)?

Let it go.

One Person to Stand Up

So often we turn the other way when we see people attacking others.  We’re afraid we’re going to be next.  I’ve been in those situations before and I’m ashamed to say I did nothing.  Whether online or in person, a bully is still a bully and it only takes one person to call them out.  Yes, they MIGHT turn on you, but you might also change the dynamics of the situation and the thinking of the whole group.

Obviously don’t put yourself in harm’s way.  But if your gut tells you something about it is wrong, your gut is probably right.  Stand up.  Speak up.

One Person to Tell Their Story

Somewhere out there is someone (maybe lots of someones) who could use your knowledge to change their lives.


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