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The Simple Way to Get More Done

How do I get more done during the day? How do I get more done in less time? How do I get more done at work? These are all questions I hear all the time. I have an answer that can help everyone.

About a year ago I wrote a post on the importance of knowing your own timing. Click here to read it (then come back).

Every one of us has personal timing, that time of day (or night) when we’re most productive, in the best mood, and just an all around better person (and a lot more pleasant to be around). When we try to fight that timing, we end up frustrated and mad at ourselves for not getting everything that needs to be handled done in a timely manner. Then we end up in a spiral of guilt, shame, and anger towards ourselves.

Knowing your personal timing and adjusting your tasks to best fit that timing can make all the difference in the world and really can be the most simple way to get more done.

For the next few days (or weeks) notice what time of day you’re most productive, in the best mood, and motivated to get things done. Then schedule the most important things for that time.

I promise it works.

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