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The Simple Way to Prioritize Your To Do List

I think our biggest problem in time management is putting equal importance on every single task. Then we get overwhelmed by the jumble of things floating through our heads that we feel MUST get done. When in reality, it doesn’t all have to be done right now or even today.

For quite some time I’ve been using a system that’s helped me change how I write out and see my weekly To Do Lists.

Click here for the system I’ve been using

It does take an adjustment in your mind, but once you take a few minutes each time you look at your To Do List and realize that not everything has the same level of importance then your brain will start to calm and you can concentrate on doing things one thing at a time … which also helps you get more done, because you aren’t making mistakes or messing things up in panic mode.

With most of us, I think there are very few things that HAVE to get done during a typical day. Oh sure you have to feed your kids, go to work, and maybe put gas in the car. I’m not talking about those things. I’m talking about the extras that don’t come along on a regular basis. The baking two dozen cupcakes for a bake sale. If that bake sale is tomorrow, then YES, that HAS to get done today and needs to be in the HAVE TO category.

But things that NEED to get done like cleaning out a closet or washing the car don’t get top priority on the list.

The section of WANT TO is just that … things you want to get done, but NEED TO or HAVE TO get done first.

I use the St. Jude Planner and each week has a list section where I write my To Do List for the week with sections for HAVE TO, NEED TO, and WANT TO.

This week’s HAVE TO items are finishing my taxes, writing this blog post, writing a few chapters in my book, and making graphics.

The NEED To items are sending out an e-mail to my followers (sign up by clicking the FREE HELP link at the top of the page), giving my dogs baths, and creating post graphics.

The WANT TO things are doing some Pinterest training, cleaning out my dresser drawers, hanging some outdoor signs at our house, and working on camera angles for videos.

Once you learn how to prioritize your To Do List you can clear out the jumble of stuff running through your brain and work on the things you have to get done first … freeing more time and mental energy for the things you need and want to get done too.

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