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The Simple Way to Save Money EVERY Month

I’ve written before about auditing our monthly bills and expenses to see where we’re paying for things that don’t add any value to our lives.

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It’s a very simple process, but it does take time. But with any project, all you have to do is break it into smaller, more doable steps. Don’t try to tackle it all in one day. You might do about 3 things a week and a month from now you will have saved money and you’ll feel better about your financial situation.

I just did another “audit” of my expenses and cut out this stuff …

  • didn’t renew magazine subscriptions that I don’t really like
  • started taking the highway instead of the turnpike in the mornings
  • cancelling the weigh loss app – I’m maintaining my weight so I don’t really need or use it anymore
  • cancelling the music service in my car since I listen to podcasts on the way to and from work
  • cancelled a premium movie channel on our cable AND the repair agreement service we’ve never used and can’t even use, because our equipment is an older model

All of this together comes up to $70 – $80 per month we won’t automatically be paying for stuff we really don’t use or like. That’s not a huge sum of money, but when you consider it’s around $900 per year … it is. That’s redo the kitchen floor kind of money!

What are you paying for that you don’t really want, need, or use?

Start looking … I bet you find a few things.

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