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to each their own

Some would say I’m an odd duck (or I guess an odd flamingo in this case).  Here are a few examples …

I’m pretty much always early to everything.  It drives me bonkers NOT to be at least 15 minutes early for doctors appointments and the movies.  I physically cringe when people walk into a movie as it’s starting.  How did they have time to go to the bathroom?  How did they figure out what they wanted at the concession stand?  How can they not care where they sit?

I make spreadsheets for everything … from monthly bills to debt calculations to how much people owe us.  I have spreadsheets upon spreadsheets upon spreadsheets and making them makes me giddy.

I also make lists pretty much every day and don’t understand how people can go through a day without a To Do List.  I love to check things off !!!

For a long time (years and years and years), I would get seriously upset and frustrated with people who didn’t see things the same way I did.  Late movie goers, people who have no idea whether or not they paid their bills or non-doers who didn’t have a clue what needed to be done got on my last freaking nerve.  But it didn’t bother them any … they were living their lives just fine.

So why did it bother me?

…. and then someone made fun of my husband’s pink flamingos (Featherstone’s he searched for months for) and my response was a “why the hell do you care what we put in our yard?”


From then on I would ask myself “why the hell do you care if someone is late?” or “why the hell do you care if they don’t get their bills paid?” or “why the hell do you care if their house is a disgusting mess?”

It had nothing to do with me and as soon as I realized that, my whole outlook changed.

If it didn’t really have anything to do with me, then why was I worried about it?  I sure wouldn’t want other people trying to change me.

So now I don’t force  strongly suggest that D read magazine articles he cares nothing about, watch sappy TV dramas he would only roll his eyes at, try foods he will never in a million years like or throw him parties he hates.

To each their own.

Are you trying to change other people so they are more like you?  Why?

The world would be a very boring place if we were all the same.

My challenge to you is to embrace the differences in other people and don’t ridicule them.  Life is hard enough without us trying to change each other.

P.S.  Olive loaf is awesome and I don’t care if you agree or not.

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3 thoughts on “to each their own”

  1. I am an organised person more or less and like to be early for things can’t stand running late but even though at times I am annoyed with people who are late I generally don’t give a rats ass what other people do it is their life and none of my business

    1. It frees up so much emotional clutter when we don’t have hateful opinions about how other people live. It sure has helped me.

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