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I took the day off

This past week was the first anniversary of the day my Mom died.  I didn’t know how I was going to feel on that day, but I knew I didn’t want to deal with people at work, people out in the public, and pretty much people in general.

So I took the day off … from life.

We were going to go somewhere just as a distraction, but with us trying to get out of debt and not knowing my future job situation, we decided it was ridiculous to spend money just to spend money.

So we stayed home.

I got this stuff done ….

cleaned the stairs, hung up clothes (my least favorite chore EVER), recorded a test video for an online class I’m doing, framed the quotes for my cloffice wall ….

then I drank some wine, ate some pizza, ate some pumpkin cookies and

watched 11 (yes, eleven) episodes of My Name is Earl on Hulu

It was exactly how I needed to spend the day.  Of course I spent time thinking about Mom and pondering how strange life can be, but I also took the time to appreciate the little things and how blessed I was to be able to take the day to get a few things done and then do pretty much nothing.

Mom would be proud.

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