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Uncomfortable Conversations Can Simplify Your Life

Here it is … the most uncomfortable of the uncomfortable posts.

The one even I don’t want to talk about …  oh the irony.

Uncomfortable Conversations.

We all have ones we know we need to have, but reeeeeeeeeeeeeally don’t want to.

Talks about our health with our doctors, loved ones and care providers.

Chats with people who owe us money (or people we owe money to) about payment plans.

Conversations about true intentions or plans.

None of them are fun and we all put them off until we absolutely have to find a resolution.  So why do we do it?  Wouldn’t it just be easier to be honest, clear the air, and get it over with.  Yes.  It would.

But having those talks is sooooooooooooo uncomfortable.  We rehearse them in our heads.  Playing out a version of us saying one thing and the other person saying something back.  Even though we know that there’s a very small chance that the conversation will go the way we plan it.

We waste time thinking about the problem, without making any effort to solve it, but avoiding a problem NEVER makes it go away.

We know that information is useless unless it’s shared, but we’re afraid to ask for it or share it ourselves.

I’m working on having more blunt, honest conversations myself.  I’m not going to be crappy (at least I’m going to try not to).  I’m just going to ask the questions I want and need answers to.  I’m going to not shy away from speaking my mind.

I’m going to get it all out in the open and stop wasting precious time and energy trying to guess what other people are thinking, doing, or planning.

Nobody wants to hear the words 'We need to talk' or 'I need to talk to you', but for the sake of simplicity and our long range sanity, it is EXACTLY what we need.Click To Tweet

What uncomfortable conversations are you avoiding?

Conversations with others about health, money, relationships, etc.?

Conversations with yourself about those things?

Be honest.  Be blunt.  Be bold.  Be Uncomfortable.

Be at peace when those talks are had.

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  1. One such conversation we had in our family in 2018 was about resuscitation and what our parents would like done both mum & dad s aid do whatever it takes as long as they are not going to be a vegetable

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