I’ve been blogging in some manner since 2011 and really enjoyed doing it, but a few years ago I had to take a break for my own sanity … well whatever sanity I have left.

So I moved nearly every post to Private status, stopped looking at the e-mail account associated with it and just let it all sit.  I’ve been slowly posting again, but my heart wasn’t really in it.

THEN a friend of mine took a huge leap of faith and started her own blogging set up business and I jumped back in.  I’m learning so much from her and a small group of other bloggers and am motivated again to help people.  I’ll be going through all of the Private posts (there are A LOT) and weeding out the ones that don’t matter.  I’ve also been going through the 2,300+ e-mails that have been sitting for a while.

All of this has made me extremely uncomfortable … like opening up an old wound … but it has to be done.  It needs to be done.  I can help people.  I know I can.


We make plans and God laughs …. and sometimes in my case He laughs, points, throws things and makes birds poop on my car.

The PLAN was to post Periscope videos here each Friday instead of typing out a regular post.  Great plan … until you do a broadcast without first checking to see if it was saving to your Gallery.  It was not.

So here’s the Test video I did AFTER the real one.  Follow me on Periscope …. slappyintheface (of course) to see the Uncomfortables one.

and that is a horrible still shot of me …. swollen is not a good look 🙂



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