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Young couples think it’s hard to find “alone time” when the kids are little … it’s worse when the kids are teenagers.  When we want them home for family dinner, they have a million other places they want to be, but when we want them gone so we can have “alone time” THEY WON’T LEAVE !!

It started out as a joke about what D and I would be doing when one of them asked as they were all leaving the house on a rare occasion, “we’re going to play UNO.”  It turned into code … and then the kids figured out the code and now it’s just fun to say “be sure and knock before you walk in, because we might be playing UNO”  because their response is ALWAYS “GROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSS” OR “THAT’S DISGUSTING!!”

What’s the point of having kids if you can’t torture them a little?

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3 thoughts on “UNO”

  1. What would be really funny is if when you see or hear them coming home you jump up lock the door and yell hold on wait a minute the say to hubby quick get your pants on just loud enough for the kids to hear………..that should gross them out……….lol

    1. There have been a few times when Derek has thrown UNO cards all over the floor before they got home … they didn’t find it as amusing as he did.

  2. We are kindred spirits 🙂 My husband and I have agreed that warping the minds of our teens is one of life’s greatest pleasures ! We tell them that we are preparing them for the real world; they will be able to handle all the true weirdos out there without batting an eyelash after being raised in our house…lol!

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