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Use What You Have … Books

I don’t know if a love of reading is a nature or nurture thing, but I do know I got my Mom’s love of books and magazines.  Unfortunately when you combine that with the habit I got from my Dad of buying and keeping things you really don’t need, you end up with stacks and stacks of books.

Books with funny covers

Books by authors I read a long time ago and liked so I think I need every book they EVER wrote

Books on topics I find interesting (or think I might find interesting someday)

Books on self help topics (ironically some on hoarding and decluttering)

When I reeeeeeeeeeally started working on simplifying my life and decluttering, I realized that I had shelves and shelves of books (in my bedroom, in “the lounge”, in the spare closet, etc).   I could build forts with all the books I have.  Massive forts !!!  Forts so big you could park a tank in them.  Ginormous forts so big they have an echo.  Mansion forts with pools and fire pits (or maybe not since they are made of books).  You get the idea.

I have a lot of books.

So I made a vow to myself along the lines of my Use What You Have strategy for decluttering (click here to read about it) and have not let myself buy a new book until I read (or give up on) at least 3 books I already have.

It’s working great.  There are books I really want to buy now, but being an adult means having at least a  little bit of self control (DAMMIT!) so I’ve just been making a list of books I want to buy and read.  Plus by the time I actually get to the list, I might have changed my mind anyway.  Which saves me even more time and money.

What do you have in your home or office that you can use this approach on?

Places to donate books

local homeless or women’s shelters

local senior citizens centers

local libraries

friends who love to read

churches (to give away at their clothing closet programs or food pantries)

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2 thoughts on “Use What You Have … Books”

  1. I love books too, still have all my Trixie Beldon books from my childhood stored under my bed and a couple of hundred true crime magazines stored in a cupboard which I started reading again a few months ago.

    1. I read self help books and biographies on my Kindle Fire, but the books I read just for fun have to be “real”. I’m slowly working through my stacks. Not being able to buy new ones until I get rid of some has been a great motivator.

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