We Accidentally Got the Wii Fat

After weekends upon weekends of searching for the Wii Fit Plus in every Target in the state (yes – we drove to every single one – trust me we really did – don’t believe me – well too bad – that’s not the point), we finally broke down and went to a Wal-Mart where there was the lonely single box of the last Wii Fit Plus on the planet. As I have previously written about, we are fat and we need to stop sitting our fat aces in front of the tv every night with a bag of chips in our chubby little hands. Well the Wii Fit Plus is the answer. We have had it for three whole days now and have done yoga, strength training, and balance games on it every single day.


The most hilarious thing is when the program takes your little Mii and adjusts how it looks based on your height and weight. My little Mii is not so little any more. She and the tubby little D Mii practically hyperventilate when they jog into the Wii Fit Plaza and if you look really close D’s Mii is holding a Carl’s Jr. Fried Pork Chop and Gravy Biscuit. Mine isn’t holding food, but she does have a hose hooked up to a box of wine. Don’t judge her – those yoga moves are hard and it does say that you can lean against something for balance, so she uses her wine box.


At the end of a long hard day there is nothing stress relieving like watching your 230 pound hunk of a man play the Hula Hoop game ! I laughed so hard that I almost spilled my wine ! If that doesn’t get you to laughing, then try finding D laying on the couch in the middle of the yoga routine. I walked in to find him spread out while the little trainer kept asking where he was. Turns out that when she says “return to your original position” after doing the Palm Tree pose, she does NOT mean laying your fat ass back on the couch. Who knew ?

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