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What do we REALLY deserve?

I have a banker friend (yes, I do have A friend) who I talk to every few months about important life issues and the world in general.  He’s a hell of a guy and I went to college with his wife, so they’ve known me a long time and we can pretty much say anything to each other.  The last conversation we had was about how hard it is in management to find people who will show up to work AND who will actually work when they do show up.

He said something that really stuck with me.

“They think they deserve a paycheck just for being here.  That we should consider ourselves lucky they are in our building.  Then they think they deserve a day off just because they did what they were actually being paid to do.”

It made me think of my own life in a way.

Yes, I actually show up for my job and most of the time I do what needs to and has to get done … but what in my life do I think I deserve when I really don’t?

I expect that my life (and I think a lot of people are like this too) should be a certain way when I really don’t put in the work to make it that way.

See if any of this sounds familiar … for you personally or for our society in general.

I deserve a nice, clean house that is my sanctuary from the world, but I don’t bother to maintain it, clean it or respect it.

I deserve fancy vacations that I charge on credit cards, but I really don’t work that hard at my job and waste money on things that bring me no real joy on a regular basis.

I deserve great relationships, but I don’t reach out to people, don’t help anyone else or don’t communicate much at all.

I deserve to live a long and healthy life, but I eat junk food all the time, never exercise or listen to medical advice.

I deserve to be out of debt and have financial freedom, but I’m not willing to give up some of my “wants” to reach it or I spend money on short term happiness, because I think I deserve a night out or a new outfit just for making it through a week.

I know.  I know.


But it’s true … for me too.

So I’m taking a hard look at what I think I deserve out of life.

The reward should come AFTER the work, not instead of it.

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