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What’s Your Excuse?

I’ve been working on my Cloffice for months.  Okay … not really.  D has been working on building shelves, painting the walls, and painting the desk.  I’ve been planning stuff in my head and sort of looking for the perfect chair.  Basically I haven’t done much.

It hit me a few days ago that I was stalling.  That finishing the Cloffice and having a writing space of my own would mean that I would actually have to write.  I was coming up with excuses for why I couldn’t write by continuing to come up with ideas for my writing space.

The Cloffice and the never ending search for the perfect damn chair isn’t the problem.

I am the problem.

My fear is the problem.

So I found a chair (one of the ones that came with our card table) …. it will work for now.

I’m still looking for the perfect chair and I still have plans for things I want to hang on the walls, but those will come in time.

I have the space.  I have the ideas.  I just have to write.

What excuse are you using for not getting stuff done?

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