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Where Are The Baby Geese?

The other day as Derek and I were driving home from our adventure filled day of mountain biking, white water rafting, and bungee jumping (are you falling for any of that?  … we were actually on our way home from the grocery store), we passed by a golf course that was covered in Canadian geese.  I, in my infinite wisdom asked, “Why don’t you ever see any baby geese?”

To which Derek replied, ” We live in Oklahoma so we only see the geese that are on their way to somewhere else … and if you had ten kids at a time, would you take them on a family road trip.  Oh hell no!  They would be all:

“Are we there yet?”

“I’m hungry.”

“Are we there yet?”

“She’s flying too close to me.”

“Are we there yet?”

“My wings hurt.”

“Are we there yet?”

Ah … I get it now.

*  I actually realized a few minutes later that geese probably only have babies wherever they nest in the Spring … so they wouldn’t be babies by the time they all flew south for the Winter.

See … I am not a complete idiot.

No comments allowed on that one. 


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14 thoughts on “Where Are The Baby Geese?”

    1. the adolescent ones probably rolls their eyes at their “stupid” parent geese and slam all the doors in the geese house too

  1. That’s why I come back to this website – I learnt something about the world and then I laughed until I had tears in my eyes.

    Have a good weekend!

  2. LOL..
    there.. I am done laughing at you now..
    We have Geese nest in our pond every year and we get the privilege of watching the babies grow up as the mom and dad bring them out into the horse pasture and teach them how to steal grain from the Horse’s pan..
    The older my Mare gets.. the less she is inclines to play “flatten the goose”
    I am sure there are many geese out there who are afraid of horses tho..
    So.. you might have juvenile delinquent teenage geese flying over your house..
    And I bet if you listen close enough you can hear them saying “Get off my back.. I will do my chores and homework WHEN I GET TO IT” they learned it from my teenager..
    and you might even hear the mom goose taking the teenage goose’s Cell phone away.. and telling them they will not get ski’s for their snowmobile .. oh.. wait.. that might have been me..
    anyhow.. goose is best roasted.. Young and Tender.. The mom and dad geese told me so.. they get all tough and stringy as teenagers..
    Black Sheep

    1. I know what it sounds like to have five kids harp at me …. I can’t imagine what it sounds like to have ten baby geese honk at you all the time … poor momma geese.

  3. There’s a lake where I walk and every spring there are families of geese…the cutest little balls of fluff in the world. Then they begin to molt as they grow in their “real” feathers. The path around the lake becomes loaded with goose shit. The momma and daddy geese get mean and his and spit out you. Trust me. You do not need baby geese!!

  4. Now you just brought up some wonderful memories of family holidays “are we there yet” now days you can have a dvd playing and children are occupied for like an hour before they start with “are we there yet” followed by “I’m hungry” and I need to pee………………….

    1. I refused to have DVD players in any of our family vehicles … if I had to “just look at the window” on road trips, then by gosh … my kids should have to enjoy the scenery too …. dammit!

  5. Baby geese live in Canada (for the most part) in the Spring. And, while they’re cute, the geese become complete and total assholes in an attempt to protect the baby geese. Assholes to the point where I have squealed while riding by bike because a goose came out to chase me. I’ve also completely avoided certain running paths in the spring due to the asshole nature of mama geese. Babies? Cute. Mama’s? Jerks. Geese, that is.

  6. We have Canadian Geese here all the time. I tell them to GO BACK TO CANADA AND TAKE YOUR COLD AIR WITH YOU, but then won’t go. Instead, they lurk around the lake where I like to hang out on my lunch break (when it’s nice out) and they try to intimidate me into giving them my fries, but I don’t give in to their pressure.

    So they go and take a big, stinky, runny green poop next to my car, right in a spot where I will probably step in it, slip & fall, break my neck, and die.

    They are mean, mean birds.

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