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Don’t Hurry Your Hobby

What exactly is the purpose of having a hobby?

It’s fun … right?

It brings you joy … right?

It calms and centers you … right?

Or is it just something else on your To Do List that you rush through?  Something that just has to get done.

I’m a reader.  Always have been.  Hopefully, always will be.  I could get lost in books, magazines, websites, e-books, etc., etc. for hours and hours.  I read in the tub and have on many occasions drained the cold water and filled the tub back up with warm water just so I could keep reading.  It’s my escape from the world.

Then a few days ago I noticed this (the adorable table next to my tub) … and was panicked.

I started thinking things like “I’ll never get through that pile.” and “OMG!  I subscribe to way too many magazines”.

There are 22 magazines, 3 books and a tablet chock full of more stuff to read on that shelf.  My mind automatically went the “how am I ever going to get caught up on my reading?”.


Reading is my hobby.  Nothing on that shelf is required reading.  Life is not a college course (thank goodness).  Nobody is going to punish me in any way if those things don’t get read on a certain timeline.

I hit me that I was being absolutely ridiculous.  Hobbies are meant to be enjoyed.  They’re meant to be a sanctuary of sorts … a chance to rest your brain and just be in the moment.

A lot of those magazines are still sitting on that shelf …. AND I DON’T CARE!  I’ll read them whenever I read them.  They aren’t hurting anyone.  DISCLOSURE:  I did move some into the funky, metal, vintage filing box on the bottom shelf AND I stacked the rest of them neatly so they look a little better … BUT THEY’RE STILL THERE … AND I’LL READ THEM WHEN I WANT TO … DAMMIT!  🙂

I have made a pact with myself to not buy any new books until I’ve finished what I have … in the spirit of my Use What We Have method.

Don’t feel bad for me … I have enough to read until the zombie apocalypse.  In fact, that’s probably what I’ll be doing if they show up.  Reading in my tub (upstairs bathroom) with a jar of wine.  Zombies can’t climb stairs … right?

It’s time for a Hobby Audit (and everyone loves a good audit)

Make a list of your hobbies

Next to each one write down how much time you spend on them during an average week.

Are you happy with that number?  Why or why not?

When you spend time doing your hobby, are you really enjoying your time or are you thinking about how quickly you can get it done or all the other stuff you could be doing with your time?

My challenge for you is to take some time for your hobbies … REALLY take some time.  Schedule it if you have to.  Block out distractions.  Turn off your phone or leave it in another room.  Tell your family you have an appointment with yourself and STICK TO IT!

You deserve a break and a hobby is a great way to step back from the stresses of life and do something just for the fun of it.

Take the time to enjoy it.

Make the time to enjoy it.


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