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My Word for 2019 … Uncomfortable

Nobody likes to be uncomfortable, because well ... it's uncomfortable. But have we become so used to being comfortable or shunning being uncomfortable that we've lost the ability to overcome our problems? Click To Tweet

I think I have.

That’s why my word for 2019 is …


I’m going to use it as a reminder that not feeling perfectly okay with each and every situation is actually keeping me from achieving my goals, overcoming my bad habits, and changing my life.

I know in my brain that when I push past that initial feeling, good things are on the other side.

So for the next few weeks I’m going to share with you how my learning to be comfortable with being uncomfortable is helping me in so many ways.

What’s your word for 2019?  How will it help you?

Last year I jumped on the Word of the Year bandwagon and it really did help me change my thinking.  Click here to read my post from 2018.

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