Without going into too much detail, I’m having health issues.  Believe me you don’t want the details .. it isn’t fun health issues like high blood sugar due to drinking an entire box of wine and eating a dozen cupcakes in one sitting … although I have considered doing that lately.  Nope … it’s more along the lines of “wait … that doesn’t seem normal” and “should things like that be coming out of my body?”

I called my doctor’s office and spoke to the nurse about having some testing done.  She began the long list of questions starting with current weight and ending with how I feel about Gary Busey (hell of a guy in my opinion just not so sure he can be trusted with a fork, which totally messes with my life goal of having lunch with him some day … wait … maybe we could have soup … but probably not … a spoon might not be a good idea either).  Anywho … when she got to this question I had to laugh.

“Are you under a lot of stress?”

Of course she should have known by my manic laughing fit what the answer was, but instead I let loose of this gold star in the “Oh I’m stressed” answer.

“Well let’s see … I have five “adult” children who each think they know everything about everything, a husband who works long shifts, my mother fell and broke her foot in March and has been in a rehab facility since then, my father passed away in May so we’ve been cleaning out their house (he was a SEVERE hoarder) so mom can come home plus taking care of all of the paperwork and phone calls related to his death, we have a side business, and another side business, we’re trying to sell our land, I don’t really like my job, I get about 4 hours of sleep a night aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand my back hurts.

She calmly said, “we’ll just mark that as a Yes”.

Love that chick !!

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