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I understand the idea of it … but oh how I wish that my children had never seen it.

YOLO has become the standard answer to just about anything in my house and I’m really getting tired of it and the attitude that it brings with it.

I tell Emily to unload the dishwasher and she replies “YOLO!!!”

I reply “YOLOG” (You Only Live Once GROUNDED!)

…. she rolls her eyes and unloads the dishwasher.

I tell Bryce that he needs to figure out what he’s doing after graduation and I get a “YOLO” from one of the twins in the background … to which I reply “YOLOIAB” (You Only Live Once IN A BOX)

I agree that we should all try new things, but I also believe that you should only be allowed to play AFTER you have worked and that there should be at least some common sense to your actions … not just an attitude of YOLO (try it all and hope it works out for the best).

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