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You won’t EVER be everyone’s cup of tea

We all want to be liked and feel like we belong. It’s another one of those lovely human traits that are hard wired into our brains and souls. The feeling of belonging means we’ll survive and be taken care of. Being an outsider possible means starvation and exposure on so many levels. Belonging feels good. The outside feels scary.

But with this many people on this rotating, giant, floating ball of matter, it would be impossible for all of us to agree on who or what or where we like. That’s the point. We’re all made differently for a reason, because the world would be a really boring place if we were all the same. Think about it, even you wouldn’t want to live in a world of just yous. You know you would drive yourself crazy.

You be you and just let your haters marinate in their miserableness. You’ve got better things to do than worry about them.

I know I’m not liked by everyone and am probably actually hated by some and I’m okay with that. I tell myself all the time that “truly interesting people are never universally liked” (love that line from Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce). It’s so true and I’d rather be interesting to a few than loved by the masses for trying to be something I’m not. I’m flawed. I’ve made mistakes. So have you … and all of those things that we’ve overcome have made us who we are today.

When you catch yourself seeking the approval of others, especially from those who will never REALLY give it, remind yourself of these things …

  • You don’t have to like everyone
  • Everyone doesn’t have to like you
  • You should NEVER apologize for liking what you like (food, music, hobbies, friends, TV shows, movies, decorating styles, cupcake flavors, cocktails, tattoo designs, etc.)

No matter what your interests are, there is someone out there who shares them. Find your people. If you can’t find someone who also shares your love of pigs in tutus figurines then at least find the ones who respect and like you enough to celebrate your unique interests and feel comfortable sharing theirs with you.

Remember … You don’t have to be everyone’s cup of tea. You might actually be someone’s jar of wine.

Learning how to be yourself and not apologize for it can do wonders for your self esteem
Be someone’s jar of wine

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